Our Home

Welcome to Jampa Choling, the first Tibetan Buddhist monastery for women in Lower-Kinnaur, India.

Our monastery sits at the mountain top of Meeru in the Northern Himalayas and is home to twenty-four nuns and their teacher who dedicate their lives to work, study and pray for all sentient beings with the help of all our sponsors and teachers.

Built by our own hands, we have created an inspiring home to young women who would otherwise have no opportunity to receive any formal secular or spiritual education this remote area.

It is our dream that our monastery in Kinnaur will have place for more women and nuns from the Himalayan region to study our comprehensive education program. We hope that that one day we will become teachers ourselves to pass on the great tradition of the Dharma and become spiritual leaders, teachers, community workers and mentors for other in our remote regions.

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